Chief Technical Officer & CEO

KY Choong, Sunny is the CEO and Chief Technical Officer of CRS Solutions Asia.

He was a tax partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Hong Kong. He was with the firm from 1989 to 2006.

From 2007 to 2019, he was with a multinational bank and based in Singapore. In his last role, he was Senior Tax Advisor focusing on global implementation of CRS and FATCA reporting across the bank’s global footprint.

His FATCA and CRS expertise includes the following:

  • the Inter-Governmental Agreements for FATCA;
  • the multilateral agreement for CRS;
  • the local law giving effect to FATCA and CRS;
  • local FATCA and CRS regulations implementing FATCA and CRS;
  • FATCA and CRS guides issued by various local and international authorities and bodies that seek to clarify the interpretation and application of the rules in specialised areas such as fund structures, trustee documented trusts,
  • FATCA and CRS xml publications;
  • preparation of FATCA and CRS xmls;
  • specialised xmIs for trusts;
  • differences between FATCA and CRS xmls.

His industry experience includes interpreting and applying FATCA and CRS rules in private equity, venture capital funds, note issuing SPVs, securitisation structures, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and various custody structures.

His implementation expertise includes designing, overseeing and maintaining data processes and controls; and identifying and updating the processes to meet regulatory changes, business changes and changes in circumstances.

He conducts different FATCA and CRS training for different functions and individual, responsible for different parts of the data process and reporting process that give effect to accurate reporting of FATCA and CRS data, data fields and data codes.