‘How we can help?’


  • Hiring individuals with CRS expertise is difficult as resources are scarce
  • Supervise and monitor CRS processes is detailed and time consuming
  • Keeping processes up-dated for regulation updates is challenging

CRS Solutions for Private Equity’

  • Our resources specialise in CRS
  • Our resources have private equity experience
  • Our processes are designed and optimised for private equity clients

Engage Solution Provider’ link

  • Cost effective access to a resource with over 30 years of international tax expertise and 5 years of CRS experience
  • Your team is freed-up to focus on their ┬árespective areas of expertise
  • Your time is better spent generating value for private equity investors

As referred to in Section II(D) of the CRS, a reporting financial institution may use a Service provider to undertake the due diligence requirements under Regulations 5 and 6 and the reporting obligation under Regulation 8 but in such cases those obligations continue to be the obligations of the reporting financial institution.